Sunday, 13 December 2009


So far I have thrown out:
  • Two fake leather miniskirts
  • A purple and white tiedye top with a white sparkly eye of horus design on the front
  • A suitcase with a broken pulling handle (Rome, 1998) and a broken lock (Cornwall, 2000)
  • Two of my three copies of Wuthering Heights
  • Two cheap copies of Northanger Abbey
  • General accoutrements of dead dog including basket, water bowl and squeaky toys
  • All my school reports, which have reminded me not to take to seriously other people's judgement on how you can do, after the read my high school reports where I was given Bs, Cs and even Ds in subjects that I eventually got As or A*s in
  • My merit certificates from middle school
  • Notes for a presentation my (perhaps unsurprisingly) ex boyfriend was doing on methods of torture in the European and Near Eastern ancient world
  • Several of the same ex boyfriends socks
  • A solitary stiletto heeled black ankle boot
  • High school textile projects that are now falling apart
  • Manuals for every mobile phone I've ever owned
  • A selection of random loose change from various countries
  • The brochure of a company I went on two excursions with during my holiday to Iceland in 2006
  • Two German dictionaries and a book of German verbs
  • The booking print out from my 2008 flight to Beijing
  • The prospectus Lampeter sent me when I was first thinking of applying, and assorted accommodation bumpf
  • An assortment of mini skirts in sizes that mean I will only fit into them again if I develop a serious illness
  • Various sketch/scrap books where there was a first page and nothing else
  • Two sets of hair curlers, both used once and then discarded in disgust
  • An eclectic array of expired medications
  • A packet of expired condoms
  • Fossilised nail polish
  • Eyeliner that I'm allergic to but was saving for something (nights when I want to go out looking like I've got a contagious eye disease?)
  • Handbags that were cute when I was 16 but would now make me look like I need my medications readjusting
  • A pair of jeans whose zip has been broken for at seven years

...and I still have a little bit more to go!

This has been my world this week, go check out some others.


  1. Heh, I was in Iceland in '06 and Beijing last year, too! Small world...

  2. J., honestly, this is fabulous !

    Perhaps the junk we could and should throw out speaks more about us that any amount of other writing might, at least about where we've been and who we were, years ago. Yes, I love this list, it is a work of art... and so good that even if the objects themselves go out, you have their ghosts here to remind you one last time, when you will re-read this post months or years from now. Lovely... bravo... et Encore !

  3. Owen - watch out, don't tempt me to write more! I had to stop myself as it was... I've been quite amazed by the assortment of bizarre items I've managed to hoard!

    Rachel - If you saw me in Iceland, I would've been the one muttering about prices - if I'd only known the country would go bankrupt I'd've waited a few years to visit!

  4. Funny the things we save. Hmm. I'm pretty sure I still have some certificates and awards from middle school. I believe I could part with them.

  5. I have moved around so much in my life that I managed to stop collecting/saving things -- even so, by the end of every year I can always find something else to get rid of! Fun post, J!

    Have a great week!


  6. Good for you! I would do well to follow your example.

  7. good luck with the decluttering - it is very therapeutic!!

  8. Great reminder, I will be following you soon. :)

  9. WAHOOO! Don't you feel awesome when you dejunk??? I love it! LOL!

  10. Now you have a lot of room for other stuff :-)

  11. Janie - I think the first time I looked at them in over ten years was when i threw them out - why I felt compelled to hold onto them I have no idea.

    Sylvia - collecting is my weakness, one that I'm hopefully dealing with. Must. Not. Hoard.

    Dirk - don't, its too tempting, espcially with all the room on my bookshelves now!

  12. A great thing to have a thorough letting go and chucking out. Congratulations!