Sunday, 26 July 2009

The Face of Swine Flu

I have managed to miss most of my first week at work because I have swine flu, which I'm pretty sure I caught at the JobCentre when I went to sign off. But I can report that Tamiflu really does work, and as I haven't died or turned into a crazed zombie I think you can all safely disregard the somewhat deranged claims circulating on the internet, posted by people who perhaps could do with more (or less?) drug usage themselves.
Nomral service should resume tomorrow!


  1. The lengths by which you young people will go to be current in the latest fads!

    (Get well soon!)

  2. Can you please send me some? I want to catch it and lose it before I go to India...
    Get well soon! x

  3. I agree that the media and politicians have tried to portray swine flu as a major crisis, which it has not turned out to be. Maybe it is to deflect attention from the real crises in the world!

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  4. I've been particularly annoyed by deranged posts I've seen on newspaper comment sections, suggesting that tamiflu is part of some sort of government conspiracy (to do what? the mind boggles) and you shouldn't take it. So effing irresponsible! Some people need common sense beating into them.