Sunday, 19 July 2009

Smelling the Roses

It seems incredible that it’s been exactly one month since I hauled myself back through UK immigration, after having contributed to BA’s economic crisis by gorging myself on their wine and snacks.

I only unpacked my big backpack last week, and I still have a huge pile of souvenirs lounging in a chair downstairs, which needs to be sorted into what I’m going to keep and what I’m going to give away. I still haven’t made an appointment to see the dentist, not because I don’t like going, but because I haven’t been able to remember their phone number.
But I also seem to have managed to pack quite a lot in four weeks. I’ve visited the doctor FOUR times, and after a course of antibiotics and a course of oral steroids, my ‘tb’ no longer makes me sound like I might need to be quarantined in the interests of public health.

I fitted in a five day break to Bath and Bristol, in between setting up my unemployment benefit claim, and slaving over job applications which has resulted in getting a summer/weekend job in McDonalds, and a full time position as a Cover Supervisor at a local high school, and a voluntary position as Branch Press Officer for Worthing Samaritans. I’m feeling ridiculously excited at the possibilities I have to learn new skills and generally worthily improve myself.

As well as learning how to use the digital SLR I blew most of my saved wages on, I’m soon going to tackle to process of setting up a WordPress blog for the Samaritans, whilst learning all the advertising and publicity ropes.

Now, if only the sun would shine again…


  1. Congratulations on...not one, not two, but THREE jobs!! I hope your volunteer work at Wort hing Samaritans leads to a full-time job. That sounds interesting and worthwhile.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the nice comment! I always enjoy reading what you write.

  2. 3 jobs Wow! Good luck with your new jobs!
    The flowers are very beautiful.

    Alex's World! -

  3. Really beautiful shots of roses. Great shots.

  4. I wish you luck in your new venture.
    You will soon be addicted to the DSLR.:)

  5. Surprise me that at your young age that you will get "tb". Apparently the situation is worth then I thought. Luckily seems it is not the drug-resistant kind as in the Western country. My dad at 85 visited China for six months and got infected. He died due part of the complication and treatment of the disease.

    Glade to hear that you are settling down well back home.

  6. Regarding the DSLR - it's too late! Also my 'tb' isn't actually TB - very long story short, but I ended up having to get treatment in some dodgy backstreet pharmacy where they told me it might be TB. By the time I got back to the UK, too much time had elapsed to do proper testing, but the doctor's think it's some sort of virus that's been aggravated because I have asthma.
    And thank you very much everyone for wishing me luck.