Thursday, 10 December 2009


After enduring what feels like endless weeks of whipping winds and dreary rain soaked days, today I woke to sun streaming through the curtains and a blue blue sky. Days like this, the beach calls me, and I was rewarded by one of my favourite seas – an incoming tide with ruffle waves stacked upon each other.

It was so unexpectedly clement that I took my hoodie off, and felt the gentle, winter crisp wind on my bare arms for the first time in months. And just to clarify: I was wearing a T-Shirt, it’s not like I was wandering around half undressed, as I just realised that sentence could imply.

My inner misanthrope is going to be outed: these clear winter beach days are the ones I love the most, because I get the place all to myself. Or almost, as a man walking his wilful Jack Russell Terrier crossed my path twice.

Apart from that, I was alone to try out photography angles and subjects, accidentally trailing the sleeves of my hoodie in the muddy sand in the process, contemplate the sea (reminding myself that the tide was coming in, so standing still for too long doing this was going to result in wet feet) and taking time just to feel the wind, listen to the waves and to appreciate being alive.


  1. Hah ... found you.

    "ruffle waves" - is that what they are called. Caused by an incoming tide. They make a most attractive repeating pattern against the skeleton of the horizon. Constant, low and flat.

    The clumps of seaweed/kelp makes a nice line to break up the organised pattern of the tide. They also tickle my nose and bring memories of the stench into my brain.

    Good post. I like the text as much as I like the images, which is something I often aim for.

  2. it's a great feeling to have the beach to yourself.:p lovely shots.

  3. wow nice shot. Mine is up too! CAre to visit? God bless...

  4. Nice photos, looks like very cold sea!!!! Thanks for your comments, have a nice SWF!!!

  5. Bare arms in winter and a beach to yourself are good reasons to celebrate being alive.

  6. Julie - I confess, I made the term 'ruffle waves' up!

    Vicky - Yes, very cold, although people do swim in it all year round (not me though!).

  7. Beautiful! I had a post about off-season Cornwall today, very similar sentiments... I love deserted beaches :)

  8. Beautiful sky and sea. Sounds relaxing and good for renewal of the soul.