Friday, 18 December 2009

The Sky Saves The Day (Again)

Yes, I know we've only just had Skywatch, but I couldn't wait until next week to post these photos. I had yet another super frustrating day. You know the type, when you think, aha, this will take ten, maybe fifteen minutes, and you're still wrestling with it four hours later? Yep, one of those.

So again, it was 'take some deep breaths and look out the window time'.


  1. I feel this way about the sea too - it's always doing something interesting which can distract or uplift one, regardless of what life is flinging (or failing to fling) at us at any particular moment.

  2. Love these. Whenever I'm in one of those ruts I, too, like to look out the window and just watch all the people walk by. Wish I had a view like this, though! Gets a bit boring staring at old Polish women haha.

  3. Lucy - i hope you enjoy my new post then, plenty of sea and sky. and snow! Not having the sky to look at is one thing I found hard in China, during the months when the sky was just grey smog.

    Tina - Nothing like a bit of (post) communist architecture! ;) Maybe you should take some photos of them instead, we can decide whose view is better.