Saturday, 14 March 2009

Butterfly Award

To counter balance my sour-pussing below, I though I should spread some blog love. I was delighted when Janie honoured me with this Butterfly Award. It makes me very happy to know that she is enjoying reading my blog that much.

I want to share it with a couple of people whose blogs I've been very glad to have discovered:

Essential E - who very humourously shares the triumphs and tribulations of kindegarten teaching.

Lilli - she does amazing work with rescue animals, and has lots of gorgeous photos of her pets, which I enjoy greatly.

Indrani - fantastic photos of India. Be warned: it will make you want to go there!

Thanks guys!


  1. Aww, thanks J, what a sweet end to a sad week for me! I can't wait to pass it along! -e

  2. Hey, thanks a ton! I enjoy reading your blog a lot too! :)
    What a nice way to start the Sunday morning!