Thursday, 12 March 2009

Wonton Addict

One of my favourite Chinese foods is wonton soup, which is dumplings served in a clear broth, and fortuitously there is an excellent wonton place just around the corner from my apartment. I like it so much that I probably eat there five or six times a week.

This is the menu board: as I don't read characters, finding out which ones I like was a process of trial and error. I generally choose one from the yellow cards of the top row. My favourite is pork, spinach and mushroom, which is the fifth in from the right on the top row. The worst one I ever tried was egg and vegetable, it was not only disgusting but I felt like I could taste it in my mouth for the rest of the day. If the signs are turned over to the white side, it means that they have run out of that particular type. This happens quite a lot, as it is a very popular place to eat in the neighbourhood and at peak times it can be difficult to find a seat.
The soup comes served in a large bowl, with a smaller one if you want to dip your wonton dumplings in vinegar or mix a little of the soup with chillies or spices.

This is the condiment tray.

I'm a vinegar fiend, and dunk all my dumplings in them. Learning to eat dumplings with chopsticks was an interesting and somewhat messy experience, but now I'm quite adept. Although sometimes a dumpling will fall apart between the bowl and my mouth, and if they happen to fall into the bowl then I tend to covered in a shower of vinegar.


  1. I'm not sure I'm a dumpling person, but I'm glad you found something that you like! It looks really cool!

  2. Soon you will master eating with chopsticks too. Good series of shots!

  3. Looks tantalizingly scrumptious! I love Chinese and Japanese food. Learned how to use chopsticks from playing ping pong of all things. My parents taught us ping pong when we were little. Read a book on how to hold the paddle, and the Chinese way was described as "the way that you hold chopsticks." Not that I'm perfect at eating this way ... I can relate to the being showered with food or food explosion type of thing. Awesome cultural photography, you are making me SO hungry!

  4. Glad you enjoyed the photos, time for me to go get some for dinner soon! :)