Sunday, 15 March 2009


Spring is slowly coming to northern China. After teasing us with a few clement days last week, this week reverted back to wintery coldness. But joyously, it has been a warm, clear skyed weekend, so yesterday I went to a downtown park where I finally found the first leaf buds of the year. And then entertained a lot of Chinese people with the puzzling question of 'why is the only foreigner at the park standing in a hedge taking close up photos of a twigs?'

I can't wait for the transformation from bleak and bare to leafy. At this point I should probably warn you that I'm a little bit addicted to snapping trees!


  1. We're looking forward to spring here, too. A new season is always a mood lifter.
    Will look forward to more tree snaps from the other side of the world. I'm sure the species of trees are quite different from what we have here.

  2. Great shots! Spring is so refreshing and I too am looking forward to see nature in its full burst of colors.