Monday, 13 April 2009

China Blossoms

The last few weeks have seen the greyness of the Shiz punctured by emerging blossoms, pink, white and a shocking, fake looking magenta. Coupled with the sudden, and delightful, occurance of blue skies, it induced the shocking realisation that Shijiazhuang could be, and occasionally is, a beautiful city. I have got so used to thinking of its ugliness and pollution as compeletly inevitable, but there is no reason why it couldn't become a pleasant, modern garden city.

I took advantage of a particularly pleasant day last week to go and photo the splendid displays of blossom on this tree in the school.

Whilst I was snapping away, I got talking with some of my senior 2 students who were on duty at the front entrance. They are now seriously thinking about which universities they want to apply to, and which subjects they want to study, and I had an interesting chat with them about it. The girl on the left wants to work in a bank, but her parents and teacher want her to become a teacher. The girl in the middle wants to be a Chinese, English or history teacher, and is hoping to get into a prestigious teacher training university in Beijing. The girl on the left wants to study international business. This is a reasonable reflection of the ambitions of my senior students. The two most popular career choices seem to be business and teaching, followed by the army, medicine, and law.


  1. Do you know what kind of flowers are they? Are they peach blossoms? I think cherry, apricot or plum blossoms season already pass.

  2. Pretty blossoms captured.
    And I liked the shot of the young dreamers. All the best to them.

  3. Good to hear that you do get blue sky days there once in a while. Beautiful blossoms.