Thursday, 30 April 2009


Strawberries have recently come into season here, and you can buy a generous portion of ripe strawberries for 2 or 3 kuai (20 or 30p). I love strawberries, but they're so expensive back in the UK that I don't buy them very often (*sob*), so I'm taking the opportunity here to consume as many as possible on a daily basis. I've discovered that the best ones are for sale at the stall in the photo below (the photos of the outdoor fruit and vegetable market were taken a while ago, hence the hats and coats). Her berries are always juicy and full of flavour, but never smushed and slightly going off.

Another welcome seasonal fruit is pineapple, which you can buy as a ready to eat portion on a stick. We've all been wondering what the proper word is for denuding a pineapple of it's outer layers - peeling, shucking, skinning? None of them sound quite right.
Normally they're sold from fruit and veg stalls or from the back of a bicycle cart, but today (obviously because I wanted to take a photo, or more likely because of the national holiday tomorrow) I couldn't find any.

So instead you'll have to feast your eyes on some fungus. All sorts of delicious mushrooms are so cheap here.

Grapes, however, are prohibitively expensive. I was quoted 22 kuai for a bunch at the weekend. I decided to just buy more strawberries instead!


  1. Oh, the strawberries is something I miss out here. Hadn't seen them (here) for about 15 years. The mushrooms look amazing! I would be cooking them daily!!

  2. Love strawberries! They look even better then ones we've been getting!

    Not a mushroom fan, but that pic is pretty cool.

  3. These are very nutritious. No wonder the Chinese get all the medals too. ;)

  4. i miss chinese fruits and veges. oh that mushroom? I love that battered and deep fried. turned out crunchy. served in a resto. hmmm i miss my china times.

    btw, ur going home...are u still coming back to china? I thought of going back there but i still dunno when. Am still contemplating between going back to china or go to bangkok in thailand.