Thursday, 21 May 2009

Bbq: bite by bite 2

The main dish. Fresh manto, and juicy, spicy mutton skewers. Working through this lot made quietened our conversation for a bit.


Bamboo salad. Despite being laced with the dreaded cilantro (which I pick out) this is probably my favourite cold salad dish. The bamboo shoots are tender and refreshing, not at all like the gruesome canned things that you get in British supermarkets.


Last but not least, the essential companion to any decent bbq session: the beer. Jiahe beer is brewed in our city, and is much stronger than my normal tipple, Lao Shan. We drank 'Chinese style': that is ganbei-ing (yeah I know that is a terrible mish mash of Chinglish, but it's what we all call it) each other. 'Ganbei' is the Chinese equivalent of 'cheers' and 'down in one' rolled together, and unless specified otherwise during the toast, you have to drain your glass. It often results in getting extremely plastered extremely quickly, especially at more formal dinners where each person must take turns to ganbei with everyone else there: no mean feat with twenty or so people. However, this was a casual dinner between two friends on a school night, so we just had a couple of bottles!

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  1. That meal sounds much more delectable than a few you've described.

    And it's kinda cheering to hear that the Chinese can be as daft for the binge drinking as some of us lot in the North West of Europe.