Monday, 18 May 2009

China has blocked blogger

Yes, China has definitely blocked blogger. The only possible reason why that I can think of is that there is the Tiananmen Square anniversary coming up, although I was completly unaware of this until I started searching for reasons why it would be blocked. Like with youtube's blockage, on the grounds of inflammatory footage of Tibetan riots in 2008, I feel that it's really more because they can than for ideological reasons.
This might sound strange to people in the West, but I've collected a long list of gripes from Chinese people about their country and Tibet features nowhere. My feeling is that, excepting those actually in Tibet, no-one in China gives a damn about the 'Tibetan Issue' apart from wishing that they'd drag their superstitious behinds into at least the twentieth century.
Anyway, ramblings aside, watch this space. I don't think that I can access any proxy servers from my school based network, so expect a link to a 'fill in' blog to appear tomorrow or Wednesday.


  1. Doesn't seem like good China PR to block blogger, but no point in arguing, I suppose. Will look for new link.

  2. well, good luck, hope still can see your blog during the next few days.

  3. They banned blogger and all other blogs, too? So that people like you won't be able to explain China to the rest of us? Lucky they didn't ban the Olympics.

  4. sorry to hear that and that is one thing i have second thoughts in going back to china to work.