Saturday, 30 January 2010

Gratitude: The Spoilt Cat Edition

Obviously, this is being written on a Saturday rather than a Friday, to the accompaniment of ferocious purring from the spoilt, silken pawed cat who has decided to curl up on my 'work' cushion and cosy fake fur lined hoodie. Yesterday I went out for pay day wine and nachos, my first social outing since New Year's weekend, a cause for gratitude in itself.

I'm also grateful that the post viral fatigue that laid me low last weekend and at the beginning of the week seems to be easing off, and I'm glad that I was able to resist my inner workaholic and tell myself that taking a few days off from MA work was not going to lead to me failing the course.

Gratitude item number three is that I've been getting on well with my work colleagues. Although I'm not the most extroverted person (on Myer Briggs personality tests I'm always on the I/E borderline), before this autumn I always took it for granted that I tend to get on well with most people, even if I occasionally had to bite my tongue. And then I started working at the school where none of the other staff would talk to me. I know that you 'should' say that I'm indifferent to other people's opinions of me, but being isolated like that was incredibly depressing and somehow dehumanising. So I've been doubly appreciating the gossipy, giggly re-entry into work place banter, where the works of SClub7 suddenly becomes a completely viable topic of conversation.

And there's the stunning glimpses of sunrises and sunsets I've had on my walks to and from work. One sunrise was this incredible fuchsia colour bomb, just what I need to perk myself up on the chilly trek home.

My last item is probably going to mark me out as a big cat scaring meanie, but seeing Stanley (white and ginger cat) running away from the clockwork mouse he was meant to be chasing...well, how could you not laugh?


  1. Looks like they are in the lap of luxury there... even if terrified of mechanical mice...

    And sounds like there are some positive things going on with you too... be well...

  2. Ah, at last! I've been waiting days for another post and I have been rewarded with one that is brimming with contentment and happiness. I like relaxing-cat photos because they look so cozy and comfy. But I confess that I, too, laugh at a cat or dog running away from a toy.

    I'm looking forward to seeing some of your sunrise and/or sunset photos!

  3. Owen - Yes, after the slight disaster that was my autumn and early winter I'm hoping that things are now on an upswing. Thanks. :)

    Pat - I've been contemplating seeing if I could get it on video...but maybe that would be just too unkind and asking for some valuable item of clothing to be given a good clawing.

    Unfortunately, I don't have any photos. I can't really take my slr to work, and the lens of my compact is badly scratched. Plus it's so cold that I'm not really inspired to linger! But I might try this week, and see what happens...perhaps I can edit the scratch out in Photoshop!

  4. Oh, sweet kitties. I'm glad you are feeling better now!

  5. Thanks. Keep it quiet though, I don't want them getting more big headed than they are already.

  6. The cats certainly look comfortable. Funny to think of one running away from a mouse!
    I'm glad to hear you're feeling better, enjoying sunrises and sunsets and reasonable companionship at work.