Saturday, 9 January 2010

Weekly Love List

I've been thinking of making a weekly list of posts/sites/any thing else that attracts my magpie-esque self for a while, and this week I have finally be motivated to get of my behind and do it. I've just kept reading things that I really want to share. Has anyone else noticed that there seems to be a lot of high quality posting going on this week?

In no particular order, these are some posts I've particularly enjoyed this week:

Tina on the joys of coming home, leaving for far flung places and everyday life in your 'exotic' locale.

Esther is one of my favourite bloggers. She has recently adopted two Nigerien barb horses and wrote a funny, fascinating and heart warming post about their interactions with the four horses Esther already has and their progress so far.

Owen's dramatic photographs of a storm at sea approaching land made me glad to be snuggled up warm inside!

Louciao charts the progress of one of her collages - I'm in awe of how she sees the finished work in the fabric scraps she starts with!

Holly writes about starting a new business, and her post on pricing and giving yourself permission to charge a decent rate will resonate with most people who've even thought about going down a similar route!

Pat shared photos and videos of Mayan ruins, which are manna to this lapsed ancient history student.

Havi is the blog equivalent of crack, so be warned if you decided to read about how ephiphanies can be small and they all add up.

Whistling Fire is a non-profit literary magazine site, that boasts an interesting and varied selection of poetry, non-fiction and fiction. If you're interested in submitting, their February theme is birthdays/anniversaries.

Everett on those common sense but sometimes hard to do (is it easy to avoid) tips for moving into making a living in a way that isn't just existing.

And last but not least, Mountain Mama's icicle studies have been (just about) getting me to smile on winter.

No sooner did I post this, than I remembered Grace and Bradley's stunning Yosemite photos.

I hope you find something new and enjoyable here, do you think I should make this a regular feature?


  1. Thanks for the suggestions on some great sites to visit.

  2. I'm honored to have made your list! I'll be checking all of these out now that I'm finally back reading everything. December stole all of my free time!

  3. This is so generous of you, to share the pleasures you've found in your blog explorations. I look forward to experiencing new viewpoints and voices that I probably wouldn't otherwise have found. And thank you for including my studio blog on your list.

  4. I'm glad that you like the idea - the only problem is that I realised that I've missed at least two people off! Doh! Never mind, I will just have to put them on next week.

    By the way, if anyone knows of a great site that I might want to put on my list, just leave a link in the comments during the week.

  5. Thank you for including me in your list...I am honored. I've enjoyed reading through the others that you like, too, and I can see why you liked them!

  6. Aw J, thanks for the compliments! I just know you will come to see me in Niger one day, and I can't wait to have you ride a horse through the Zinder bush after reading about them for so long... I'm sure Sheba will act as if she already knows you, because she LOVES people who love her, lol!

    Love your idea of weekly love because it gives others an idea of who's out there. And there are so many beautiful voices!

  7. Esther - So, does Niger have Chinese restaurants? ;)