Monday, 7 September 2009

A List

My week has been about:

· Putting another year on my official age

· Wondering about boundaries

· Laughing with friends over glasses of wine

· Lying in sand dunes, listening to the sea and the wind

· New starts, both paid and voluntary

· Missing China, but loving my own country’s beauty

· Wobbling in self belief

· Remembering to live courageously

Perhaps a haphazard bullet point list isn’t the best writing style, but, right now, that’s how I feel: a bit whirly, a bit scattered.

What's going on in other worlds?


  1. Well, they're great shots and I can surely understand where you're coming from! I deal with the whirly a bit myself these days!



  2. Wobbling through whirlyness is not a bad place to be.

  3. Sounds like a good week to me and great shots.

  4. Wonderful shots. Whirling and wobbling isn't all bad and doing it to music is even better! ;D ;D

  5. Great shots and it sounds like a good week too!

  6. Somehow we all need that balance between structured/orderly and whirly/scattered. Too much of either extreme drives me crazy. Congrats on the new starts!

    What exactly is "Samaritans?" Is it a charity organization?

  7. A list can be a great way to gather thoughts. Happy birthday, perhaps belated?

  8. Your sea-scape is lovely, with that artistic curve.

  9. Happy birthday! Same thing for me, tho I still feel about 17 inside. Love your breakwater shot. 'Essence of English Channel'.

  10. Happy Birthday!

    We're all homing in on 'wobbling in self belief'. Something we nearly all share but it's a specially good way to put it.

    (People who never 'wobble' are a menace!)

    Our haws, round here, a going a blackish red. I don't know if it's the weather (misty and drizzly with no sun) or something else. The blackberries, theoretically, are a bumper crop. The hedgerows are encrusted with them. But the flavour is pretty much uniformly disgusting. Most years we've been feasting on blackberries and custard /crumble / pie for at least a fortnight by now.

    Not much lying in sand dunes at present I would guess.

  11. Happy [belated] Birthday :)

  12. Don't worry, there is a partial Lunar eclipse coming up. Many people are feeling scattered.
    Many happy returns of your Birthday, mine is also this month, ah well we all get older...

  13. Please accept the birthday wishes. Have a gooy year ahead.

  14. Thanks for the birthday wishes - September is a superior month to born in, wouldn't you agree, Arija? ;)
    Thanks also for the compliments on the photos, like the list they were a mixture of captures from the last week.
    Arija - Interesting to hear about the partial lunar eclipse - perhaps that explains my blurring focus!
    3c - I agree, blackberries have been on the sour side this year, and the last one I picked was so disgusting that I spat it out!

  15. Pat - the Samamritans is a british charity (although it can be accessed via email or skype from anywhere in the world now) that provides a listening services to those in emotional distress. I'm the new Branch Publicity Officer for my local branch, so I'm hoping to find different ways to raise the visibility of the organisation within the local community.
    Snap - even better if there's a glass of wine and some friends involved!!

  16. Samaritans sounds like a wonderful organization. The people doing the listening have probably saved some lives and maybe even some marriages.