Thursday, 27 August 2009

Dutch Skies

We were incredibly lucky to have two days of blue skies and sunshine, the perfect backdrop for gabled roofs and sparkling canals. Before we started questioning whether we were in fact in Northern Europe in August, our last day had a some impressively monsoon like showers.

At this point I realised I had perhaps made the worst purchase to date in my life – and given this is up against the red/black lipstick I purchased a teenager, you will understand this is no passing gripe.

I bought an umbrella with a hole in it. Not an accidental fault-in-manufacturing hole, not a tear. No, this was an umbrella deliberately designed and manufactured with a hole in it. To be precise, it was a pretty looking tulip shaped insert in fabric that was very far from waterproof, as I discovered when my left eyebrow got dripped on.
For the rest of the day me and my friend, who for blog purposes I will christen CatGirl, kept having the following exchange:

Me: ‘I cannot believe I bought an umbrella with a hole in it.’

CatGirl: ‘I cannot believe someone would make an umbrella with a hole in it.’


  1. The DUTCH should know better than that! Maybe they were thinking parasol. I'm married to a Dutchman (well, grandparents came from the Netherlands), and generally speaking, the Dutch seem to be very practical. But of course, that's a generalization. Did you try duct tape? It comes in many colors.

  2. Both the making and the buying see like bad ideas.
    Interesting angle looking up at the buildings.

  3. Terrific shots! Really love the first one!

    I surely don't need one of those here in Seattle once fall arrives!! I'll be careful before I purchase an umbrella!

    Have a great weekend!


  4. Great shots... love the jumble of signs one.

    I bet there's a shop somewhere with a pair of open-toed wellies for sale with your name them!

  5. Funny about the umbrella but the skies are just great.

  6. The umbrella was last seen being deposited into a bin at the Schipol airport train station!

    what were they thinking!!

  7. LOL! Just like those people buying a fold-up laundry-basket. When do you ever fold it up?

    Great caps of some -for me- familiair buildings. As it so happens: Amsterdam is the place where I live.

    You managed to catch the only serious bit of rain we had in weeks. The summer has been very un-Dutch. And I like it!

    Terrence looks at the sky

  8. Well, one would wonder why one ever should buy such a thing as a leaking umbrella. I hope at least it was good looking. ;)

  9. Love the perspective on the top shot and lovely blue skies.

  10. Great skies and angles in these beautiful pictures.
    Funny about the umbrella! ;-)

  11. Funny story, you both have great questions! ;)