Sunday, 16 August 2009


A few photos from my friend's hen night...known as a bachlorette party across the pond. Thankfully the chief bridesmaid didn't insist that we bedeck ourselves in giant inflatable penises and suchlike (probably because she knew it would considerable shorten her life expectancy!).

This is the start of a very exciting and packed week for me: the birthday of a close friend, followed by the wedding on Friday and then I'm off to Amsterdam for a couple of days.

This was a complimentary cocktail provided by the restaurant for the hen - it looked pretty but was passed around the table to grimaces of disgust!


  1. I hope your busy week and upcoming trip are fun. We're off to the mountains for a couple of days.

  2. Is that a burnt sparkler in the cocktail in the shape of a.... eugh? Why???

  3. Hen nights, bachlorette parties, stagettes... whatever the name, are my idea of hell! You've seemed to have survived though...

    Enjoy Amsterdam!

  4. Janie - I hope you enjoy your break!
    roseki- I know, not our choice.
    It is one thing that puzzles me about hen nights, the continual penis theme - when, let's face it, there aren't many women getting married who aren't familiar with that area of the male anatomy and the ones that aren't are probably the least likely to be running around bedecked in them.
    Ms Toast Burner - That would probably be true for quite a lot of hen parties, thankfully we were spared horrific male strippers/the need for odd fancy dress, 'hilarious' games, etc

  5. Who knew you could dig artistic photos out of a hen night?! Smart stuff.