Sunday, 30 August 2009

Weird Doesn't Cover It...

Witnessed today: sitting in the first floor of a café we heard a siren, heralding the arrival of two fifty something men, the type who have lank hair and T-Shirts stretched over grossly distended beer bellies. They made a bee line for a group of teenage girls sitting in the corner: one proceeded to tell them that he was the King of England, Richard III, and periodically pressing his little sirem-sound-making-device, whilst the other one put a plastic joke shop turd on his head and pirouetted around ranting and raving.

We sat there wondering is this really happening, has our coffee been laced with something exotic, is this some weird candid camera type tv stunt? Not to mentioning readying our best Anglo-Saxon in case they decided to attempt to persecute us.

Then, after approaching another group and being told where they could go, they pressed the siren again and announced ‘Time to go’.

Photos were taken outside (yet another) cafe in Amsterdam. I do do things other than loitering in cafes and blogging - promise.

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