Monday, 17 August 2009

Watching, Waiting

At the moment I feel a bit like these statues, seen at the 798 gallery area in Beijing: I'm watching, waiting for what the future will bring. My various plans are starting to take shape - in particular I'm very excited to be taking over the voluntary role of Branch Press Officer for my local branch of the Samaritans, but still, who knows what will happen?

If you told me three years ago that I would have lived in China, travelled in Asia, abandoned plans of graduate study, and split up with my then boyfriend I would have thought you were...deluded.

This is my world, what's yours?


  1. Good luck. Any chance you'd share with your fellow world-ers your next step?

    Love the statues. I could find a spot for them in my yard :)

  2. Well, had you not done all those things J, I would not have gotten to know you! And now I'm sort of intrigued to see what you do next. You've been to the other side of the planet, and although it wasn't an all-easy experience, a journey like that right into "the outside" brings perspective on the world one was born into. I always find it harder coming back to Sweden - where my expectations are higher - than taking the leap into the least developed country in the world.
    Looking forward to seeing what the next chapter of your life will bring!! And if I ever have the possibility, I'll drop by your place for a cup of tea! :-)

  3. Those statues make me smile and they so well illustrate your words. Good luck with whatever comes next. Life is an adventure.

  4. I like these statues. They have me thinking.

  5. Ha! Well, imagine the pile of chippings left behind when these statues were made and I think that is a bit more how I feel at the moment! I hope the future holds more great things for you.

  6. The twists and turns of life are mysterious, shrouded, until we can look back at them in amazement and see where we've been and where we are now. I hope the way ahead for you becomes clearer as the days go by.

  7. Great shot!
    I wish you luck with your plans.
    One MUST dream and plan, that is life.
    I believe so. :)

  8. Such interesting statues. You've had some extraordinary experiences already. Congratulations on your new post. I wish you a happy and interesting journey through life.

  9. Those statues are fascinating and unusual, but then so is China. As far as life goes, and all its twists and turns? Well, that's even more fascinating. We can't anticipate what direction we'll take sometimes, but my guess is that you'll never regret living in China.

  10. An interesting thought! It was 23 years ago I lost my dad, my life changed unbelieveably and I returned to my roots, re=established a loving relationship with my mum, met me to be husband, now married 21 years! Life eh?

  11. When you are open to possibilities and trust that the best possible is coming towards you, you will get something close to that, often something even better. When it comes, embrace it even though it may not seem preposessing... we never know the reason why until we can look back in hindsight. The universe after all is all knowing and we see so little.

  12. thanks for your wonderful comments everyone. Going to China definitely has changed my world view, and it's something I really want to post about, but it seems to be taking me a while to finally process it all!
    Ewok - I will definitely be sharing...whether you like it or not! ;)
    Ishtar - There might even be a slice of cake in it for you!
    Martha and Sandy - They're great aren't they? So uplifting...Perhaps I should start a knock off production line in my garden?!
    SP - Sorry to hear the chips are down (and sorry for that, I couldn't help myself) - I hope most of them are looking skywards though.
    Pat, Indrani, Denise - Thank you! :)
    mountain mama - I think it's probably the best thing I've done with my life so far.
    mrsnesbitt- Glad to hear that joy came out of what must've been a tough time - a good reminder that often amazing things happen when things seem to be at their worst.
    Arija - I like your philosophy!

  13. Love those watching and waiting statues. Sometimes one needs to hunker down, re-group and re-think, but generally watching and waiting doesn't lead to anything, going out and taking chances does.

  14. Whats actually up there ? Looks like a lost boy. haha..

  15. Funny how traveling that supposed to enrich us often leaves you feeling uncontent and rises more questions then answers.

  16. Interesting how many different takes there have been on this post!
    Wolynski - I'm at a point right now where I'm trying various things, seeing which avenues I like and that like me. Plus, sometimes you can get out there, do everything right yet something totally beyond your control can scupper it for you - and the other way round no doubt, good can come out of bad situations, like for mrs nesbitt.
    kbguy - who knows??
    koala - hmmm... Questions are not necessarily bad though, in fact I would say it is very healthy to question yourself and what you are doing. I would not change living in China for anything, it has definitely enriched me - and again, I don't see that as being exclusive of a more questioning mentality.