Sunday, 9 August 2009

Loving It


  1. They used a few too many exclamation marks though. One would have done.

  2. I assume this is not a picture from China?

  3. mountain mama - I saw this in the 798 gallery district in beijing. I've spent some (probably too much) time trying to work out exactly what they were trying to say...

  4. So many thoughts and images conjured up by so few words.

    Why did the person who wrote this go to the effort of using stencils?

    Is he or she in the habit of swallowing condoms as if they are tablets?

    Why is it in English?

    Has some emotionally painful experience, a romantic rejection, led to this public and campaining outburst?

    Does the person who put up this notice actually know what they are saying?

    Is it a message . . . is it a joke . . . who painted the wall?

  5. 3c - I know, when I first saw it, it was like, oh another odd chinglish sign but then...

    I think that its probably in English as English is very cool in China at the moment, espcially to have on t-shirts, etc. (Just like people have random Chinese characters tattooed on them here, and trendy Chinese people have Korean character tats.)

    And probably stencils as it was done in a gallery area, where most of the walls are covered in street art, so I guess it was prob done by an artist on a (one presumes!) a bad day!