Sunday, 28 June 2009

Beijing: Beihai Park, take two

Eager as I was to see the Nine Dragon Screen, I returned to Beihei Park early the next morning. After a dispute with a taxi driver, who wilfully took me to the wrong gate, I paid my twenty kuai again, and headed for the Screen.

And thank goodness I had been tardy the previous day, as I was just in time to see the the Beijinger’s Beihei, crowded with people, some practising martial arts, ballroom dancing, calligraphy, sports and tai chi, others just taking the cool morning air.


  1. O mind. I thought you have taken a short break. Is it because blogspot was blocked in Beijing ? How did you managed to get through ? The latest I heard is that even gmail has been blocked. Since when did you came back to blogging ?

  2. Thank you for taking me (too) to China. The world becomes so close by on the net (and sometimes so far, when the access if cut off for one reason or another).
    Lovely pictures!
    'People are the same wherever we go'.

  3. It was very interesting to see a slice of life in Beijing; not special attractions, but just everyday people living their lives.

  4. I had a great time in Beijing. But time run just too fast. Most probably I will be back, but this time to Xiamen via Guanzhou. You have any tips on places of interest, place to stay and best mode of transportation from Gz to Xiamen ?

    Using Proxy server for blogspot ? How did u do it since your are using blogspot too ?

    The park before Temple of Heaven is also great. But seems like they are having the same activity as Beihai Park. But you have to buy tickets to enter. It is the 1st gate to Temple of Heaven.

    Have fun !

  5. O, yes.. just to add something more..
    1. People in Beijing don't spit as what I see in Hangzhou and Shanghai.
    2. The guys don't carry/hang the lady like bags (square shape) as in Shanghai.
    3. Didn't hear any native dialects in Beijing . Everyone speaks common language.

    But everyone in China are as friendly (so far).

  6. Hey J., the streaming banners in the park look beautiful, must be great to see them first hand... how much longer are you out there in China ? Thought I saw where you said you might be moving on soon ? Where to next ?
    Best, owen

  7. KB guy - I simply typed in the address of the blog I wanted to visit into the proxy server. Using proxy servers can be good in China as often they are faster than your own server!
    Owen - I am already back in the UK, came back last Sunday. And as for where to next...hmmm....

  8. Fascinating to see this slice of leisure life in China.