Friday, 26 June 2009

Beijing: Tiananmen Square

Despite having visited Beijing frequently since September, the closest I’d got to Tiananmen Square was speeding past it in a cab, on the way to dinner. The view from the cab suggested that that was enough: it was big and squarey and that was about it.
But last Friday, I decided to walk around the centre of Beijing and to stop of at Tiananmen, really just to say I had. It was big and squarey and that was about it.

I much prefer the old Tiananmen, before Mao went all megalomaniacal and tore it all down.

It was on the way to Tiananmen that I also realised Shijiazhuang has corrupted me. I’m still suffering from the ‘tuberculosis’ (actually some sort of virus, but TB is way more fun to say in a queue) I got in May. Everyone spits on the floor in the Shiz. And although I deplore it, being a hypocrite, I’d started to do it to.

After a coughing fit, I did the deed, just as two Chinese guys walked past. I don’t think they could’ve looked more horrified if I’d been taking a shit on the pavement. And then I realised that nobody spits in downtown Beijing. Whoops.

I’m glad to finally be able to take part in SkyWatch Friday again, follow the link to check out other skies from around the world.


  1. Thanks for the tour, the photos, and the cultural lesson.

  2. enjoyed your view of tiananmen...and i would agree the old was better. sorry to hear you've some sort of virus. have a great weekend.

  3. Hi J, glad to see you. I did not know if you're off the blogging world but i just heard blogspot has been barred over there. Nice to see a new beijing sky but sad to know you're sick.

    It's been awhile since i got back to your blog. If i did not drop comment then it means i haven't been to your blog. :)

    I enjoyed reading your blog as it refresh my memory of my china days particularly sjz days. :)

    Sjz skies is one of the dirtiest in China and people from clean countries do get sick due to air pollution.

    Wish you get well the soonest and enjoy your Sjz days!

    Happy week-end!


  4. Great views of the square and interesting post about spitting. Who knew?

  5. The old and unspoiled is often the most beautiful.

  6. Yes, I'm with you as well, old is wonderful. But still, those photographs are nice. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. Hahaha ! my friends son spend 3 months in Bejing or nearby, school exchange to learn chinese. He was so disgusted about the spitting, that he didn't want to go out with a chinese girl, lol !
    If you want to go to Venice, better start to safe your money now! one coffe on the Piazza San Marco costs 15 € !

  8. The steep camera angle in the first shot makes the image very interesting.

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