Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Ferris Wheel

Since my first week in Shijiazhuang I have meant to ride the ferris wheel at my local park, and since we have started to be treated to clear skies I've redoubled the intention. But, you know, riding a ferris wheel a five minute walk from you….there's always something more 'important' and pressing to do, or the weather isn't right. So on a blue skied day last week I realised that if I didn't ride it then, I probably never would.

It was only as my carriage started its ascent that I remembered that I'm scared of heights. There ensued an odd moment where I started to panic that, alone on the ferris wheel, I'd panic about being so high up. Then I told myself to get a grip on myself, and whipped my camera out to distract myself by taking photos.

Oddly, having a camera in hand completely negates my fear, and I can become quite intrepid. Occasionally, such as the time in Italy that I nearly walked off the top of an amphitheatre, I am reminded of why feeling a bit wobbly when looking down from a great height was probably an evolutionary advantage.

The view from the top was definitely worth it: from one side you can see across the park and even glimpse the mountains outside the city, and the other side there was that quintessential sight in modern China, the building site, and the high rises of downtown.


  1. I love that first pic, enlarged. I recognise many of the buildings and other structures from your previous posts. Nice to see it as an over view.

    The mountains look wonderful!

  2. Great views of the mountains and the city.

    I tend to get a bit nauseous on ferris wheels...maybe I should try taking pictures when I'm going around to stave off the nausea.