Friday, 12 June 2009

Big Beard Barbeque

Backstreet barbeques are definitely one of the things I will miss the most about China: cheap and delicious food and beer, consumed in a relaxed atmosphere where people frequently get so drunk they fall off their stools and men sit around topless, showing off their tattoos and pushing out their fat stomachs to show off their wealth. Although the moneyed middle classes aspire to Western ideal of toned, slender bodies, among rural born Chinese men, a big belly proudly announces to the world that you have enough money to eat plentifully.

Last week I tried out 'Big Beard' barbeque with some of my friends: 'Big Beard', unsurprisingly, the man in the  first photo, and really only needs a parrot to complete the look. We also had whole quails, which kept us all quiet for a few minutes as we manipulated the carcasses to get at the meat, getting very greasy fingers in the process. It was a wonderful, friendly evening, even if I didn't feel quite so chipper in the morning!


  1. I would definitely eat the quail...those look awesome. Sorry to hear your Chinese adventure ends soon but I look forward to your next phases in life.


  2. Mind the gap!

    Backstreet BBQs sound really great.

  3. The BBQ looks good. And Big Beard does resemble a pirate -- thought not quite Johnny Depp!

  4. That's cool. I recently discovered an Amish BBQ and the guy how makes the incredibly good ribs has beard just like big beard.

  5. Here to thank you for visiting my blog and find my furthest flung visitor. My, those ribs look good and it is certainly true how good 'Street food'is. We loved to eat tacos in Mexico...yum.
    Harry is a Yorkshire Terrier, just ten weeks old. He came ove for a BBQ yesterday, sunday, and poor Milou was totally worn out by the time he left.