Friday, 5 June 2009

Qingdao: Shop fronts

Qingdao manages to pull off being charmingly shabby instead of depressingly ugly in a manner that reminds me of Italy and Greece. We didn't do any of the touristy things, as, honestly, I've seen enough temples and mountains to keep me going for the next few years at least, and instead spent many enjoyable hours just wandering around random streets in the city centre.


I actually found the old style two storey Chinese buildings more fascinating and photogenic that the famed German concession architecture, mainly because I wonder how long it will be until they are razed to make way for posh apartments and shopping malls.


And obviously, at no point did I stand in the road, dodging taxis, to take any photographs. Sorry mum and dad!


  1. Lovely series of photos, I do enjoy these old buildings much more than the modern ones they put up, which seems to be the thing to do all over our planet. They have so much character to them our older structures. Hope these stay for a good long time.

  2. I enjoyed seeing the shots of the old buildings very much. Gives a wonderful glimpse of the life there.