Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Qingdao: Market

I have become quite obsessed with markets in China, and on an overcast afternoon me and my friends strolled through the one closest to our hostel. There were a few noticeable differences from the markets here in Shijiazhuang: for starters, the amount of fish. It was also a lot tidier and well kempt - no one selling their veggies from a scraggy piece of old rug on the ground here! Oh, and I'd certainly never seen the deep fried chicks before either.
With the close packed stalls squeezed between old fashioned two storey buildings on cobbled streets, it was one of those places that seems as if it was designed to be a movie backdrop.


  1. :-) I was thinking those 'dumplings' looked nummy until I read further on... I'm an adventurous eater but China would be a challenge. Have you experimented with the cuisine or do you stick with safer foods?


  2. Chick'n mcnuggets! (oh, how gross!)

  3. I too thought those little round things were pastries or dumplings. So I lost my appetite when I read "deep-fried chicks."

    The fourth photo does look like a movie set.

  4. Considering I have been in alot of Chinese Markets - I have never seen the Chick Mcnuggets as called earlier - that is GROSS - no matter how hungry you are - can't they be prepared another way maybe???