Sunday, 18 October 2009

Chicken Soup Days

I keep meaning to write an interesting blog post, but no sooner do the thoughts form in my mind than they appear to get gobbled up by the improbably, surely-against-the-laws-of-physics amount of mucus currently inhabiting my facial cavities. And my mind will wander somewhere else for a second, and then somewhere else again, not taking anything in, resulting in a jumble of half formed thoughts, plan and images cluttering my mind and whingeing for attention that I’m completely able to provide.

It’s the sort of day when I go upstairs to get my camera, and come down with a glass of water, then spend a couple of seconds staring dumbly around me thinking ‘what have I forgotten’.

Or spend over an hour writing two paragraphs, because I keep flitting off to half read stuff online, or find that it takes ten attempts to write a sentence. If any of you see my brain, could you please direct it homewards?


  1. Yes but where are the pics? :)))

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your bad cold or sinus infection. Your brain will be back up and running normally in a few days, I predict. It's storing up all kinds of great ideas until your cold is gone. In the mean time, I hope you're drinking lots of herbal tea.

  3. braja- I'm about to post a few pics I took this weekend, but I though I'd keep my pasty face and red flaky nose to myself. ;)

    pat - thanks. Hopefully there'll be a creative burst to co-incide with half term holiday next week.