Friday, 9 October 2009

Colour Infusion

After a rainy, greyey week in which temperatures have reached the level where it's a battle been the evident need for a coat and my refusal to admit that not only are we being surrounded by mists and mellow fruitfulness at every turn, but they are soon going to be giving way to November gloom, I felt in need of soaking the eyeballs in some colour, thoughtfully provided by this dahlia.


  1. Gray days do make us appreciate color more. Ah, yes, winter will be here soon.

  2. Hot stuff! I'm with you, in total denial of cooler temperatures, still sporting bare legs with a short skirt and trying not to shiver.

  3. Soaking the eyes...yeah, yeah, what an explosion! I like this idea a lot.

  4. Nice colours....a good pic to pick yourself up in.

  5. Ooooooooo, that's a great photo, Jane! Love it!

    I am currently painting a sort of similar shot:

    (it's come along further since)

    I may come back to this and beg you to let me paint it!