Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Doorways: The Secret Garden

I adored Frances Hodgson Burnett's The Secret Garden when I was a child, and walking around the walled gardens at West Dean College at the weekend made me feel as if I was in that mysterious Yorkshire garden. The feeling was cemented when I came across this door, guarding realms forbidden to the hoi polloi. What interesting items are hidden away out of site?


  1. I've had fantasies about attending West Dean College to work on a Master's degree in fibre arts. However, as the cost is prohibitive, the image of a steadfastly closed door in a brick wall is appropriately symbolic for me.

  2. I write on little pieces of paper the sorrows I must release. I roll them up like little scrolls, then put them in a special box whose whereabouts only I know. I call it my god box. Once in while, I go and look at them. And I find little miracles have happened.

  3. Such an interesting contrast between the willow and the hard little black door.

  4. I too loved The Secret Garden as a child. Growing up in desert-like southern California, I could only imagine the lush greenery of an English garden. SoCal is dead, dry and brown most of the time.

  5. louciao - Tell me about it. I was interested in their book conservation course, but the fees are insane.

    Kathleen - That's a good idea. I might try it, although I fear I would lose the box.

    Tina -

  6. Right, let's start again...

    Tina - Thanks. I hadn't really analysed the photo that much as I'd been so taken with the secret garden angle so that's made me reasses it, which has been quite interesting.

    Pat - One of the first things that struck me when I came back from China was how GREEN England in, the countryside can look like it's been covered in green paint in the spring to early autumn.