Friday, 30 October 2009

Good Times in the Big Smoke

These are the results of some headshots I did for my cousin, who’s getting into acting. We shot these after scarfing down a delicious take out lunch from a small vegetarian and vegan place on the Portobello Road. I was a vegetarian for six or so years, but this is still the only food I’ve ever had that can make me understand how anyone could be vegan for more than three days without breaking down and running amok at a cheese counter.

Having picked our way around the window shopping tourists littering Portobello Road, my cousin took me on a tour of his old stomping ground. We took in some advertising installations for MuTATE Britain, a skate park, where tried rather unsuccessfully to shoot some action photos, and a selection of tatty graffiti. I couldn’t resist the contrast between the faded Mars awning and the bright tags on the shutter.

Or the escaped from an interwar comic book pub sign.

The rest of the day was spent just chilling out and eating delicious food, and it really was the perfect balm for my soul.


  1. Your cousin is quite handsome! I hope the head shots help move his career along, but the last shot is my favorite.

  2. mountain mama - it's quite a brilliant piece of design and advertising isn't it?

  3. I agree with mountain mama--your cousin is very good-looking. Great shots, and I'm glad you had a pleasant day hanging out with him! Hope he's snapped up by an agent soon due to his great head shots done by you.