Sunday, 25 October 2009

Just Looking

Yesterday I hung my first ever photography exhibition. It might be at the main library rather than a gallery, but I still had to audition (is that really the best word? would perhaps 'videtion' be better? that from the Latin videre 'to see' rather than audire ' to listen'. Yes, I am a geek AND rambling off point) to get a spot, and the person in charge of exhibtions liked my work so much that she offered me two dates, rather than the one I originally asked for.
It was slightly strange but definitely good to see my photographs, framed and mounted, hanging on the wall. Even more importantly, people were actually, definitely stopping to look at them. I think the word I'm searching for is fulfilling.


  1. Wow! That's excellent stuff, Jane.

    Have any of the photos in your juried exhibition been on this very blog?

  2. How wonderful! That is so exciting!

    To be boring . . . are you printing the photos yourself? How big are they? How many? . . . Are they of England or China or both or . . . what?


  3. How exciting! I'm glad the exhibition is working out well for you.

  4. Congratulations, Jane! That is so exciting for you.

  5. ms tb - yes, most of them have been on this blog, although not all the photos I took when I was 'interviewed' were.

    Lucy - they're 12x16 I think. I got them printed out professionally by, erm, Kodak. ;) There's 8 photos, mostly of Sussex although I did pop in a panoramic one of the Royal Crescent in Bath.

    Janie and Pat - thanks. It was certainly a good way to start my week off.