Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Doorways: Dog Days

Ok, so there's no actual doorway seen, but this is the view through the doorway of the pier amusement arcade. It's something that I cast my eye over without really seeing, until my brain processed the unusual addition of the toy spaniel.

I wondered if he'd been selling the family valuables to fuel his addiction to the penny pushing machines, although it must be terribly difficult operating the button with paws... I hope at least the attendant provides him with some steps, and perhaps let him swop his winnings for dog chews.

I couldn't really decide whether I liked this best in b+w or colour, what do you think?


  1. Just another sign that things are going to the dogs... ?

    I think I prefer the color on this one...

    Were there any amusement games he might have liked ? A virtual cat chasing screen perhaps ?

  2. Colour!

    When you say "toy" spaniel... you don't mean it was actually, like, a toy, right? Please sat it wasn't stuffed or anything?

  3. This is a scene from my childhood, every spare penny went on the slot machines.

    The coloured one is more evocative...they are always full of bright primary colours.

  4. Cute photos and musings. I like the color.

  5. I like the color too. The dog stands out more.

  6. The color one, definitely. It reminds me of the arcades at the Santa Cruz boardwalk. The springer spaniel is so looks like someone's pet that died and they had it stuffed. But I don't think anyone would leave their dear dog standing in an arcade.

  7. I think the colour wins. I might go back and get some more shots inside...

    Owen - that would be great, or perhaps a getting to bite the postman game? Or a sausage grabbing game?

    Roseki - Rest assured, I meant toy as in small dog, not stuffed. That would've been truly freaky, although slightly disturbingly, it wouldn't actually surprise me that much!

    Moannie - I remember my friends being obsessed with the the soft toy grabbers, but I always got hypnotised by the penny pushers.

    Janie - Gracias.

    Mountain mama - good point

    Pat - It was real - it started frisking around the moment I'd pressed the shutter so I was lucky to get this shot. I guess that it's owner was playing the machines just out of view.

  8. I am generally only Band W but this must be colour.... and as much as reasonable :)

  9. I think you need the colour in this scene to capture the charmingly garish tawdriness (is that a word?) of the place.

  10. Yep, colour.

    Maybe I could send the pooch a camera and he could document the plight of game-addicted canines in the seaside towns of Britain.


  11. Hi J!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for "joining in the conversation"!

    I love your blog too...I can't wait to come back and read through a bit more!

  12. Sean - perhaps time to reach for the saturation tool then...

    louciao - actually, I think that's the perfect description of the place. I may have to quote you

    ms taostburner - I think that could be a hardhitting expose - shots of him selling his winter coat and toys for arcade money, trading his pedigree chum (dog food brand).

    Gen - Thanks, I'm looking forward to reading more from you.

  13. Strange, this picture gives me a sense of deja vu. It wasn't by chance, taken at Sagg Ness, UK? (you know, the coastal town on the east side of England?)

  14. No, it's in Worthing, a coastal town in the south east. They do all tend to look a bit alike though!