Thursday, 12 November 2009


Today I trudged through the rain and the last of the skimpy November daylight to post my application form for the MA course I want to do. If I think about it, I get a little butterfly sensation in my stomach, because I want it to work out so much, but I had a bit of a life disaster with my last postgraduate application, where I managed to get into a course I never thought I would but the funding all went horribly awry, which meant I couldn’t do it.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that after I certain point, there’s nothing I can do, and that worrying about is a waste of my life. So I’m going to try and channel the mellow serenity of this photograph and concentrate my mind on the beauty and good in the here and now, rather than something that might go wrong in the future.

Did I just sound too much like a self help book? Maybe. As a reward for my form filling and getting wet feet on the way to the post office, I’m going to contemplate the beauty and good in a some brie and grapes and a bottle of cider.


  1. I hope the course works out for you, but you're wise to concentrate on serenity in the meantime. Keeping busy with good company is also helpful. How's that for a self help creed?

  2. Acht, Janie beat me to it. The word that leaps out reading this post is 'serenity'.

    Good mental work, J. Keep it up.

  3. I appreciate the attempt - but you have communicated not serenity but excitement and now I'm all excited and anxious along with you.

    I can't make out the photo. What is on the ground?

    Hope the funding and the course and everything happens . . . and that you enjoy it when it does.


  4. Brie, grapes & cider together with a beautiful sky sounds like a great combination to me!
    That said, you are rigth: worrying only serves its purpose until a certain stage.

  5. Lucy, click on the pic to enlarge it. Tis a cracker when seen in its full glory.

  6. You deserve it. Que sera sera. Don't worry; be happy.

    Beautiful pastels in this sunset photo. Have a great weekend.

  7. I'll drink to the brie, grapes, cider, posting of MA course application, decision to stop worrying about things beyond your control and be in the moment with your brie, and you! Cheers!

  8. Oh dear, I completley forgot to add this to the Skywatch Friday meme. Obviously my brain got overtaken my cider, brie, grapes and watching the deliciousness that is Sam and Dean in Supernatural.

    Janie - I think you could market that philosophy!

    Lucy - naldo's right, you really do need to click on this photo to enlarge it, probably should have put that in the post. If you do you can see that the bottom is a pier and beach.

    naldo - serenity - something I'm trying to work on. At the moment, although I do feel excited about the course, I also know that if it doesn't work out, there'll be something else, another opportunity.

    Ishtar - exactly. Worrying can be good for making you think through what you're doing, the consquences and possible paths you might need to take, but after that it turns into a vortex you (or I, lol) can lose all your energy in.

    Pat - I'm trying to, despite the storms. So far, it's good. :)

    louciao - thanks. is that an excuse for another drink, wouldn't want you to be lonely. ;)

  9. Brie, grapes and cider..... a woman of refined taste IMO. Good luck with the application but most of all good luck with the serenity. And when you find it, can you send any spare up here?