Sunday, 8 November 2009

Weekend Fun

Today I was meant to be going to a regional publicity meeting for Samaritans, the charity that I volunteer for. Unfortunately, I’m ill. Again. Since the middle of August, I seem to have had one cold or virus after another. I’ve been left feeling completely drained and exhausted – a quick trip to the supermarket earlier left me feeling bone tired.

I had to cancel my attendance at the meeting. I felt really bad doing it, as I think it would’ve been very useful, and I’m a bit worried that it won’t give a great impression to the Regional Publicity Officer. But, I know from bitter experience that pushing too hard will only make the situation a lot worse in the long run, so I’ve spent most of my weekend snuggled up reading or watching low TV.

This afternoon though, I broke open Photoshop to design some new adverts that I’ll send out to local media. It was quite a challenge, as I had to pore over the old and new branding guidelines, to create something that can be easily read and understood by as many people as possible, even when it’s quite small.

This is my first attempt, which has been sent out to be our Christmas advert:


  1. Very nice ad...succinct and to the point. I'm so sorry that you are ill again...glad you are resting and, I hope, drinking lots of herbal tea.

  2. It looks super to me! Hope you get to feeling better soon. (Have you been to a doctor? A lingering sinus infection can cause the symptoms you are describing.....?)

  3. Nice job. I think it catches the eye and the attention.
    Hope you'll be feeling better soon.

  4. Simple, direct, gets one's attention. Easy to read, jumps out. Works for me.

    Sorry to hear you're ill but glad to hear you're coddling yourself through it. Your body needs rest. Besides, you don't want to be out there spreading germs amongst your fellow Samaritans. So you see,you performed a good Samaritan act right there, by staying home.

  5. Pat - thanks. I'm hoping that I'm in the process of developing an immunity to all known viruses!

    mountain mama - No. I've had two courses of antibiotics in the last two months, so I'm really hoping that I can avoid YET ANOTHER's hoping.

    Janie - thanks. I was experimenting with different colour and size type and am pretty pleased with the results.

    louciao - this is what I told myself too! I felt guilty for not going, but now I'm glad I didn't, there's no way I would've coped.