Monday, 30 November 2009


Inspired by reading Thanksgiving posts and an exercise in Liz Miller’s Mood Mapping (more on that tomorrow) I’ve compiled a list of everything that I am grateful and thankful for:

· Being reminded of my only ‘Thanksgiving Dinner’ – a double cheeseburger at a McDonalds in Shanghai’s Old Town, which we settled on with relief after having been shouted at for asking if the baozi (dumplingey buns) at a booth were pork. My friend then bought what looked like a hotdog, only to find it was some form of candied fruit that tasted like a toffee apple which had been doing crystal meth in parking lots
· The opportunities I have to travel and work abroad, especially to work and travel freely around China
· Being born in a wealthy country, and one with free (at the point of use, anyway) schooling and health care
· Being born in a time and place where as I woman I can access education, health care, contraception and have the freedom to work, travel and choose my own path in life
· Living in the internet age
· The support and love of my family and friends
· The attention demanding antics of my felines
· Getting into the MA programme
· The three bars of Green and Black’s chocolate that are sitting by my computer
· A comfortable, warm bed to sleep in, sometimes with the addition of a ginger cat
· Being able to read and write
· Having levels of mental and physical health that allow me to look to the future with optimism
· Having some secure to live
· Knowing what I want out of life
· Having developed a robust sense of self worth

Photos are some less touristy views of the Old City area of Shanghai. I miss seeing people out on the streets or in the park playing badminton (although having to duck the occasional stray shuttlecock not so much).

For other views around the world, visit My World Tuesday.


  1. Great post, I take a lot for granted here.
    Interesting picture.

  2. Great post and a great reminder for all of us. My youngest daughter just returned from a three week trip to China and she was truly fascinated by the country, it's history, it's beauty -- even though Face Book was forbidden so she was unable to be in contact with us via her computer. All of our worlds are so very different! And it's wonderful to be able to share our experiences via the web. Yes, I may be old, but I love the modern age and all that it offers all of us!

    Great post!

    Enjoy your week!


  3. Great post and thanks for sharing your Shanghai.

  4. Good reminder to think about all of our opportunities. Thanks for sharing the photos of Shanghai.

  5. Sounds like you have alot to be thankful for... but a toffee apple that's been doing crystal meth ??? Can't imagine what that might taste like, not sure I want to find out...

  6. Syvlia - how wonderful, where did she visit?

    Owen - in both taste and texture it reached a level of unpleasantness I hope to never again encounter.

  7. Great post with fine lines and shots....I wish to visit the place too...
    thanks for sharing... :)