Monday, 9 November 2009


sometimes things don't quite work out they way you thought they were going to...

Today was a ‘I meant to do this and then life intervened’ day. I spent a considerable part of my school day dealing with a student in distress. It’s a situation that took my mind over a bit, and I could write reams about it, but it’d be completely inappropriate to share on such a public forum.

I was meant to go to an after school meeting, but no-one was there when I turned up. As I was feeling emotionally and physically drained, in severe need of some orange juice and paracetamol, I went home after hanging around for five minutes. Which may result in some interesting consequences tomorrow…

Then I came home and called up the University of Falmouth about a course I’m interested in, their MA in Professional Writing. I had thought the start date was September, but for the distance learning option I want to do, it’s actually January, and places are still available. So cue frantic scribbling of a personal statement, and looking up finance options.

So, the MWT post that I intended to write kind of got pushed aside. Now my brain is buzzing but tired, my throat is sore and I’m going to find something to read or something low on the TV to watch…


  1. Those kind of days are hard on the psyche. I hope the rest of your week goes smoothly.

  2. Sounds like a difficult day. Hope you get into the writing course. That sounds interesting.

  3. Falmouth is a lovely place... but if distance work is the best and quickest way to get started, sounds good... can you do that and continue working ? Good luck...

  4. Hi Jane..

    Firstly..i hope you feel much better today!

    Secondly..thanx for joining the photo club!! the TEXTURE photos are up and the new theme is out for November. Go have a look!


  5. I'm glad that you were able to listen to a distressed student--I'm sure it was good for him/her to talk to you.

    Good for you--doing the Professional Writing Course. All the best to you as you pursue your interest in writing.

  6. Thanks - I'm still writing my personal statement. Writers block for an application for a writing course....

  7. Interesting course you mentioned. Hope you get over the block. :)